On January 17th, 2021 we gathered around the virtual campfire for a reunion for all those that have enjoyed the What to Remember series.

Cozy up with us for rich insights, "aha" moments, and invitations to consider what we most cherish were via the recording below.

Want to watch the What to Remember videos that sparked this conversation? Click here.

The chat conversation that accompanied our reunion is below:

16:00:29    From Stephanie Gould : Hello from New Rochelle, New York

16:01:14    From Sibilia, Laurine V : Hello from southern New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia!

16:02:23    From Laurie Curtis : Hi frim Augusta, ME!

16:06:46    From Michele : Hello from Franklin, NC

16:07:56    From alice : Hello!

16:08:50    From Eva Centeno : so lovely to see and meet you

16:09:04    From Esperanza Castro : Hi everybody, great to see you Rafaella

16:09:39    From Laurie Curtis : Beautiful!

16:09:42    From Kimberly Manns : love that!,

16:09:43    From Nancy Swartz : Beautiful idea! Xoxo

16:09:44    From Julie Oudin : I was hoping for a book - JOY!

16:10:09    From Meredith Brisson (she/her) : Thank you for acknowledging the “long game”. I love the way this is continuing to evolve and grow :)

16:10:13    From Esperanza Castro : Very

16:10:28    From Siobhan Connolly Hogan : great we are spoilt x

16:10:31    From Elaynegoldstein : I anxiously await the book!,

16:10:50    From Donna Rich : Look forward to the book!

16:11:26    From Eva Centeno : yes yes yes

16:20:01    From R Susan Foti : Best thing I learned is your persistent questioning of who centers and balances us. Loved that you tell your story about how you rise and now due to my big change in my life, I need to walk that path

16:21:33    From Brenda : How do raise your hand?

16:22:15    From Karlee Fain : Brenda, your can click the “reactions” button at the bottom of the screen and choose to raise your hand.

16:22:33    From Brenda : Thank you.

16:22:44    From Karlee Fain : Brenda - We’ll speak with you next :)

16:23:10    From Brenda : Thank you!

16:23:10    From Laurie Curtis : Our CiPP study group meets for check-ins on Sunday too, so it's been a great combination!

16:24:38    From ellyn klein : I am a caretaker of the universe and especially my parent’s “stuff”. My shoulders are lighter because it’s other’s stuff.. Not mine

16:25:05    From alice : Yes, that holiday one came at a very useful time!

16:25:27    From ellyn klein : and I welcomed the Lioness.. So much gratitude Maria 🕊

16:26:48    From Kathleen Macedo : all of the imagery spoke to me, especially the lioness, the cleaning up after your parents, and everything about the holidays

16:27:41    From Alison Date’s iPhone : I connected with letting go of our parents despair.. I think it’s Tara Brach  who labeled this dis function as the Family trance... those implicit experiences are so useful to gain an awareness of.

16:27:57    From Siobhan Connolly Hogan : I adore the lioness one calling me to be more courageous and to be the one...

16:28:09    From Sue Knight Deutsch : I have questions about production

16:28:51    From Donna Rich : I, too, loved the lioness piece.

16:29:09    From Siobhan Connolly Hogan : thank you all for your generosity and inspiration of this legacy..

16:29:41    From Julie Oudin : I totally agree with that Maria - Sunday was a perfect choice - it was a healing and spiritual experience.  I am overflowing with gratitude.

16:30:12    From Stephanie Gould : Thank you for these lovely essays they have kept me company during a time when I’ve needed company. and inspiration.

16:30:17    From CeciliaMichalik : I enjoyed taking your class a number of years ago at Kripalu, not only did I find your messages powerful but also enjoy your newsletter messages. Look forward to more...

16:30:18    From alice : Like a poem and like a sermon

16:30:57    From Elaynegoldstein : Maria could recite a recipe and I would be in a trance!

16:31:09    From Brenda : Yes, I love David Whyte too.

16:31:19    From R Susan Foti : Sunday and repetition was perfect to slow down and take it in

16:31:38    From lindacrescione597376 : Sunday morning was perfect.  As someone who lives alone it was magnified during Covid.  I found the poems to be very personal and touching.   Although, it was only you and I during the message, I felt as though I was in a community of souls looking for solace and meaning.   Thank you so much for sharing.

16:32:11    From Laurie Curtis : I also particularly liked "track what  you love"

16:32:49    From Eva Centeno : i wanted to thank you for the sliver of light, hope and resilient messages you shared throughout! And I feel so lucky to have had you as my teacher/mentor/person in my life journey.

16:33:02    From Esperanza Castro : Big Thanks Marie to share your time and her poética Voice❣

16:33:10    From Kathleen Macedo : yes, you have inspired me to start writing my "book"

16:34:21    From R Susan Foti : Best was be brave and impermanence because of these troubled times

16:34:23    From Amy Finke : Track what you Love - loved that one!

16:36:59    From Donna Rich : The timing of your remarks during each talk and the repetition made the message extra meaningful.

16:37:02    From Brenda : In addition to the book, are you considering doing a program or  a series of workshops based on the sessions?

16:41:25    From Donna Rich : I believe she is 86!  Film directed by one of her sons.

16:41:57    From Mary Halpin : Also Maria, Having your gorgeous voice and presence read them was so powerful and beautiful.

16:42:36    From Donna Rich : I agree, Mary.  There is something so inspiring and soothing about Maria’s voice.

16:42:51    From Brenda : Please think about it. <3

16:42:59    From Laura S from CT : Have you thought about a website or Facebook page where we can each post our own things we’d like to share to remember.

16:44:05    From amyclouse : I also loved the impermanence one ….its been an anxious time for me but the reminder that nothing stays the same and that the good will come again.. along with the fire/and your soothing voice..... all were particularly calming

16:45:20    From wendy marks  To  Maria Sirois(privately) : blessings 😊 not sure if u see my hand up but hope to share a comment

16:45:21    From Laurie Curtis : I'm going to re-watch with new eyes now.

16:45:54    From Laurie Curtis : Permission to be human!

16:46:02    From Karlee Fain : I love that Laurie.  I’m so curious what you might see the second time around.

16:47:01    From michele : HOPE

16:47:06    From Caterina : Thanking you with much gratitude for sharing your heart and wisdom with us. So inspiring! And thanks to your lovely staff. Will the videos continue to be accessible so we can refer back to them for ongoing support and inspiration?

16:47:08    From Eva Centeno : I agree with the person who said Maria could read a recipe and I would be happy lol

16:47:08    From Donna Vella : Courage

16:47:10    From Laurie Curtis : I'll mostly savor, I'm guessing!

16:47:16    From Donna Rich : Authenticity

16:47:17    From Siobhan Connolly Hogan : more of the same please ...being perfectly imperfect

16:47:17    From Karen Breen : Transcending scarcity

16:47:17    From Laura S from CT : Resilience

16:47:21    From Eva Centeno : unity

16:47:21    From Kimberly Manns : The pathway to move away from your parents believe that you are there to clean up their mess

16:47:26    From Elaynegoldstein : Kindness

16:47:29    From Donna Rich : resilience

16:47:30    From Laurie Curtis : Hope was my word too, along with resilience.

16:47:32    From R Susan Foti : How to choose who you want in your lifeboat

16:47:35    From Esperanza Castro : Joy

16:47:37    From iPhone nmp : humor

16:47:38    From Kim's iPhone 6s+ : vision resilience

16:47:40    From lindacrescione597376 : I loved the randomness of the poems.   I think whatever theme is introduced, it will be helpful for someone.

16:47:41    From Karen K : raw fear, dread

16:47:44    From Brenda : How to find your voice.

16:47:47    From Kathleen Macedo : forgiveness

16:47:59    From Sue Knight Deutsch : Letting go

16:48:04    From Eva Centeno : aging with grace

16:48:11    From Donna Rich : Gratitude

16:48:15    From Esperanza Castro : Gratitude

16:48:27    From Laurie Curtis : With authenticity comes grace.

16:48:29    From Donna Kaye : Dealing with isolation

16:48:41    From Meredith Brisson (she/her) : Your beautiful human-ness was such an inspiration to me. I would love to hear more about your journey to this moment.

16:48:45    From Elaynegoldstein : AND

16:48:46    From Lamis S. Solaim : Reconcilating the limitations of the present self with the possibilities of the future self.

16:48:48    From Debbie Ward : patience

16:48:51    From R Susan Foti : Be less timid about asking for what you want or need

16:48:53    From Jill Mckeon : permission to be wild

16:48:56    From Eva Centeno : I agree and this feels like a huge warm hug

16:48:57    From Penni Feiner  To  Maria Sirois(privately) : Thank you for the Sunday Morning “What to remember” Videos. I savored every one of them! I’m sure I’ll tune into whatever you decide to do next.

16:49:01    From Alison Date’s iPhone : equanimity

16:49:12    From Michele P : Acceptance and love vs agreement

16:49:17    From Jessica Ferrar : When dreams (in life) don’t happen—then what

16:49:22    From Laurie Curtis : Love that, Jill!

16:49:29    From Kim's iPhone 6s+ : yes please!

16:49:38    From R Susan Foti : Like permission to be wild and mischivous

16:50:15    From Kim's iPhone 6s+ : love it!

16:50:16    From Josephine Tite : acceptance - especially when you have no control of the circumstances

16:50:18    From Joni Corn : That was amazing!

16:50:23    From Donna Vella : MIGHT BE????

16:50:32    From Siobhan Connolly Hogan : why 11 trees

16:50:34    From Mary Halpin : Not your brick to hold as Karlee says

16:50:35    From Nancy Swartz : Love that!!

16:50:42    From Kim's iPhone 6s+ : letting go of those who aren’t... it

16:51:04    From Brenda : Gorgeous!

16:51:09    From Donna Rich : So beautiful!

16:51:19    From Elizabeth Jensen : Your work is extraordinary. Sundays were a treat. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

16:51:29    From Mary Halpin : The shares and textures are gorgeous in that piece

16:51:30    From Eva Centeno : amazing how your daughter and you can inspire each other

16:51:38    From Mary Halpin : Shapes rather

16:51:44    From Laurie Curtis : I agree, Karlee!

16:51:52    From iPhone : I agree.

16:51:55    From Kim's iPhone 6s+ : I’m in.

16:52:00    From Angela : yes!!!  love that idea for a workshop, Karlee!

16:52:43    From wendy marks : TY Maria and gang❤️

16:53:17    From Elaynegoldstein : Thank you for your gift

16:54:09    From Donna Rich : Would look forward to a workshop!

16:55:53    From Eva Centeno : thank you for that I will hold that in my heart

16:55:56    From Siobhan Connolly Hogan : gratitude

16:56:00    From Donna Rich : Inspiration!

16:56:01    From Raphaela Kramer : inspiration

16:56:02    From Laurie Curtis : Friends for the jourmey

16:56:05    From Jennifer : Gratitude!

16:56:07    From Laura S from CT : insight

16:56:08    From Donna Vella : inspiration

16:56:10    From Michele P : BE BRAVE

16:56:11    From Angela : Thank you so much for this generous gift, Maria!

16:56:11    From Kim's iPhone 6s+ : coming home to self

16:56:12    From Kimberly Manns : relief

16:56:13    From Joni Corn : compassion

16:56:13    From Sibilia, Laurine V : Being with like-minded people.

16:56:14    From Amy Finke : connection

16:56:14    From Elaynegoldstein : gratitude

16:56:14    From Karen Breen : authenticity

16:56:14    From Esperanza Castro : lo

16:56:15    From Sue Knight Deutsch : Bravery

16:56:15    From Elizabeth Jensen : Contentment

16:56:16    From Penni Feiner : Community!

16:56:16    From Josephine Tite : love

16:56:17    From Julie Oudin : Yes, GRATITUDE!

16:56:18    From Alison Date’s iPhone  To  Maria Sirois(privately) : i wanyed

16:56:19    From amyclouse : calm

16:56:20    From Jill Mckeon : soft place to land

16:56:20    From iPhone : Resonance

16:56:24    From Brenda : Beauty. Thank you to all of you. Sorry, my camera didn't work.

16:56:25    From Beth McKeon : Hope

16:56:27    From Nancy Swartz : Gratitude

16:56:27    From iPhone nmp : TY Maria. you kindly spent time w me in sept when I was really struggling w my health and my adult son’s estrangement and a layoff from my dream job. because of you, I reached out to a loved one each day for the next 30 days when I was in despair and it turned me around. forever grateful to you, cherished one.

16:56:31    From R Susan Foti : Fellowship and Sparks

16:56:34    From Esperanza Castro : lovely time

16:56:36    From Stephanie Gould : Courage to do my list of what  to remember. Thank  you !

16:56:39    From Kathleen Macedo : permission

16:56:40    From Julie Oudin : Because you shared yourself, somehow, I felt seen.  That was just so lovely.

16:56:40    From Trudy Akler : my sweet moment; and, now, my warm heart

16:56:42    From Bruce Lee-Clark : A community of souls

16:56:48    From Beth McKeon : Connection

16:56:51    From Ruth Palombo : focus on what we love

16:56:53    From alice : keepers of the flame!

16:56:53    From Donna Rich : Courage

16:56:58    From Elaynegoldstein : I feel the warmth

16:57:00    From michele : GRATITUDE + HOPE + PROFOUND+TRIBE+ +++

16:57:00    From ellyn klein : I am ok the way I am, I am more than ok.. I’m enough 💃🏻

16:57:02    From lindacrescione597376 : humanness

16:57:05    From Donna Kaye : Donna Kaye- gratefulness and joy

16:57:06    From Jennifer : LOVE

16:57:16    From Meredith Brisson (she/her) : Trust the universe and my Self. Everything in its own time.

16:57:16    From R Susan Foti : Perfect: Fire Tenders

16:57:18    From Jessica Ferrar : i have something to give, to share…might take time…but it’s there

16:57:36    From wendy marks : letting go of those that don’t serve us

16:57:40    From Eva Centeno : tribe

16:57:56    From Natalie's iPad : livliness!

16:58:05    From Dolly : Inspiration for  life!  Thank you ever so much.  Was awesome!

16:58:19    From Lamis S. Solaim : Maris and Raphaela.. the gift that continues to give

16:58:30    From Karen Breen : Generosity of spirit - shines bright

16:58:49    From Donna Rich : Such a special series of programs.  Grateful for all the inspiration.

16:58:52    From iPhone : Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift!

16:58:54    From Elaynegoldstein : what a gift during the Pandemic!

16:59:05    From R Susan Foti : Maria, you are such n influencer. More than you imagine. Loved sharing with others your poems

16:59:08    From Alison Date’s iPhone  To  Maria Sirois(privately) : when you begin to feel hopeless you are starting your journey .. we need to go beyond hop and fear.. and always feel as if your just starting your journey. our discovery just goes deeper and deeper

16:59:11    From lindacrescione597376 : Thank you for your generosity and sharing this for free

16:59:25    From Laura S from CT : Thank you all for all your efforts…I can’t express how successful and worthwhile it’s been.

17:00:11    From Alison Date’s iPhone  To  Maria Sirois(privately) : thank you for this heart felt sharing and opportunity to connect  with your energy.

17:00:46    From Donna Rich : Thank you all!

17:00:54    From Beth McKeon : What a gift you all are. Thank you! I’m excited to go back and listen again and write my own what to remember

17:01:02    From Sue Knight Deutsch : Thank you, Maria, Raphaela, Karlee, Ellen and every camper.

17:01:10    From Martina Fern : Thank you, everyone.

17:01:14    From Nancy Swartz  To  Maria Sirois(privately) : You are obviously not only an inspiring role model to all of us, you are also a amazing mom! Your daughter is a beautiful reflection of your kindness and generosity of spirit. Thank you so much for al of this!

17:01:17    From Esperanza Castro : Very Thankful Marie Teacher !

17:01:37    From Bill NY : good evening, all

17:01:37    From Lamis S. Solaim : Grateful to you all for such a beautiful gathering

17:01:42    From Peggy Rakas : Thank you Maria….you are a gift

17:01:46    From michele : Thank you thank you thank you….life affirming! Namaste!

17:01:48    From Joni Corn : Thank you!

17:01:51    From Nancy Swartz : Thank u all SO MUCH!!

17:01:51    From Brenda : Namaste

17:01:57    From Amy Finke : Thank you!

17:01:58    From Donna Rich : Sending my love!

17:02:22    From Esperanza Castro : Bye Marie and all you