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On July 18th, 2021 we gathered around the virtual campfire for a reunion for all those that have enjoyed the What to Remember series.
Cozy up with us for rich insights, "aha" moments, and invitations to consider what we most cherish via the recording below.

This video has been deleted.

Want to watch the What to Remember videos that sparked this conversation? Click here.

00:21:38 Esperanza Castro: Hi, Esperanza from Peru 00:24:45 Elaynegoldstein: It WILL be a book 00:26:02 Sue Knight Deutsch: I am on Maria’s list 00:26:06 Michelle Pauls: Not sure. I took a Writing through Fear course 00:26:11 Richard McManus: thru WBI 00:26:12 Elaynegoldstein: On Maria’s list 00:26:17 Audrey b carlson: I get Marias emails and pop in 00:26:22 Mary Pat Ryan: friend/writer Joanne edgar, and of course the fabulous caroline kohles 00:26:24 Nancy Swartz: Grateful to be on Maria’s email list 00:26:28 Sarah Johnson: I'm on Maria's list. I first encountered her sublime equanimity at the World Happiness Summit a few years ago. 00:26:43 ellyn klein: Positive Psychology/Linch and Learn.. So much gratitude 🕊😍 00:26:55 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: colleagues in the positive psychology world… and have the pleasure of taking Maria’s storytelling workshops 00:27:07 Rhona Bosin: On email list; attended her workshop at Kripalu. 00:27:10 Sharon: Also grateful to be on Maria’s list; from a staff training with the organization with which I work. 00:27:23 Karlee Fain (she/her): I love hearing how we all know Maria! 💛 00:28:08 Dani Dennington: Im on Marias list after she came to speak to the Quest Institute 00:28:43 Nancy: In this moment, it is ok 00:28:45 Sharon: Breathe… 00:28:45 Elaynegoldstein: Breathe 00:28:46 Kelly Fredrickson: You are fully supported 00:28:47 Dani Dennington: Nothing stays the same forever in mine 00:28:48 Ellen Boyd: “until tomorrow” 00:28:49 Raphaela: “So hum” 00:28:50 Stephanie Gould: safe and sound 00:28:55 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: breathe just stay in today…. 00:28:56 Mary Pat Ryan: it will be ok when the sun rises 00:29:04 Sarah Johnson: "there is nothing to fix, there is nothing to do, nowhere to be. I love you my darling." 00:29:07 Liz R: This too a shall pass 00:29:15 Nancy Swartz: Breathe 00:29:17 Audrey b carlson: This too shall pass and you've gotten through worse 00:29:20 ellyn klein: Reframe and know it will pass.. “Go Away” 00:29:27 Dani Dennington: Love that sarah Johnson! 00:29:39 Richard McManus: I ask myself if I really want to 'sleep' with this distress; if I really want to bring it into my bed. 00:29:44 Chris Morton: In the middle of the night, I use the butterfly hug and say , don’t think, FEEL! 00:29:46 Susan Foti: This is temporary. I can get thru this.Breathe 00:31:01 ellyn klein: Honesty 00:31:05 doreen: My sister, Lynn almost said, “Worry is like paying on a debt you do may not owe.” It makes me laugh at the absurdity of what I am doing in the dark of the night. 00:33:08 Karlee Fain (she/her): Oh I love this Doreen - your sister has wise words! 00:33:49 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: me too 00:33:59 Audrey b carlson: the fox gave you the pause needed 00:34:09 Nancy Swartz: Agreed. Doreen, your sister is very wise. 00:36:27 Audrey b carlson: Yes 00:36:50 Sarah Johnson: I have had 2 baby foxes hanging out in my yard for the last month. We've had lots of moments of eye contact and stillness. 00:36:52 Dani Dennington: an owl flew alongside my car for a full 5 minutes 00:36:54 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: all the time… and with animals too… the minute after I completed my presentation at Intl Pos Psych Congress on Friday a ladybug appeared on the wall of my office…. on the 5th floor of my NYC apt 00:36:55 Audrey b carlson: I often call them the daily miracles and gifts 00:36:58 Mary Pat Ryan: im jealous!!wow 00:37:39 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: 15th floor with the ladybug not 5th... 00:38:25 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: Ellen, I agree, there’s something about hearing Maria’s voice reverberates in my soul…. 00:38:32 Michelle Pauls: Yes, I’ve had a 60 second encounter with a young deer. He was 5 feet away from me. We just stood there watching each other. 00:39:16 Michelle Pauls: And a few months ago, walking with my daughter, a spunky beaver came out of the brush and followed us for a goodly amount of time. She had soggy bangs. So friendly 00:39:44 Rhona Bosin: Where I live, the deer cross the street at the crosswalk! 00:39:51 Nancy Swartz: Michelle, same here for me, with a family of deer in my back yard. So powerful. 00:40:03 Elaynegoldstein: My mother died in January 1990 I asked her to give me a sign if there is anything to this afterlife I kept seeing birds since her death 00:41:04 Mary Pat Ryan: well, i feel i lost my way, but the thoughts of returning to marias wisdom was like a little angel on my shoulder 00:41:19 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: I see bluejays all the time since my brother Gary died (he had blue eyes) and cardinals since my dad died… they always come at the precise moment I need that connection… 00:41:31 Elaynegoldstein: Maria could be reading a recipe and I would be in awe 00:41:46 Ellen Boyd: I agree Elayne 00:41:47 Sharon: Yes! to all the details that Richard is articulating: all parts of the beauty. 00:42:09 Rhona Bosin: Agree 00:43:12 ellyn klein: Your Permission to be human and how I embraced it for myself 00:43:21 Audrey b carlson: Marias poetry delivery and words are palpable as described repetitions and expanding into the depths are much like getting wrapped and embraced in music 00:43:37 Nancy Swartz: Thank you, Richard, for expressing so eloquently how so many of us feel. 00:44:25 Esperanza Castro: Gratitude for peaceful moments 00:44:38 iPhone28: I see Herons and dad comes back as a heron (which is my mom’s maiden name) 00:45:55 Michelle Pauls: A “tone” Brings to mind “intone.” Ritual. So needed. 00:46:24 Rhona Bosin: Closer to microphone? 00:46:43 Susan Foti: Richard really expressed so well, I got teary too 00:46:55 Rhona Bosin: Couldn't hear last speaker 00:52:28 doreen: that’s beautiful 00:54:24 Sarah Johnson: Yes! Susan, that is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. 00:54:57 Nancy Swartz: Susan, you are not alone. 00:57:18 Michelle Pauls: I’d like a workshop. And more than writing, yes! Somatically inclinded 00:57:58 Sue Knight Deutsch: 11 years 00:58:22 ellyn klein: Constantly looking for meaning and purpose 00:59:30 Sue Knight Deutsch: Audiobook 00:59:58 ellyn klein: I don’t have to clean up my parents “crap” 00:59:59 Michelle Pauls: Getting the knowledge into/through the body somehow…. 01:01:10 Elaynegoldstein: Audio book! 01:01:31 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: those bums have the best stories…. not the best relatives though 01:02:27 Nancy: A beautiful book with photographs and a CD attached so you can read, listen and be inspired by the photos 01:03:28 Karlee Fain (she/her): The poem is: A Ritual to Read to Each Other By William E. Stafford 01:03:45 Dani Dennington: 01:03:58 Esperanza Castro: Which is the line of poem ? 01:04:14 Dani Dennington: If you don't know the kind of person I am and I don't know the kind of person you are a pattern that others made may prevail in the world and following the wrong god home we may miss our star. 01:04:15 Nancy: A Ritual to Read to Each Other - William Stafford 01:04:48 ellyn klein: Celebrate micromoments 01:05:43 Audrey b carlson: Thank you Maria , you are so loved. 01:06:25 Esperanza Castro: Very Thankful❣ 01:06:44 Michelle Pauls: Very thankful, too 01:07:24 Donna Rich: Thank you, Maria. Loved the series. I am sorry I came in late. Have not been feeling well this weekend, so fell asleep and missed the first half of today’s program. Have loved your courses. 01:09:18 Sarah Johnson: You're nailin' it! 01:09:32 ellyn klein: I feel that with you 01:09:42 Elaynegoldstein: You have succeeded 01:09:47 Ellen Boyd: We will be sending the recording out- so you will have the chance to listen to the whole gathering. I hope you feel better Donna! 01:09:48 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: I only see beauty 01:10:19 doreen: Thank you for being who you are and you inspire me to see the original goodness in others 01:10:24 Donna Rich: Thank you, Ellen! 01:11:00 Audrey b carlson: The words people who need people hold a deeper meaning more than ever for us all 01:12:14 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: entering the sixth decade in many ways we are just getting started…. 01:12:44 Richard McManus: is there a whole new series of reflections on what post-covid living is supposed to be about? 01:13:22 Susan Foti: Another powerful aspect was that in the middle of the dark pandemic, there was a new ritual of looking forward to Sunday 01:13:35 Audrey b carlson: trust the process 01:14:14 Elaynegoldstein: Thank you for this gift❤️ 01:14:55 Donna Rich: I s there a course you are offering, Maria, that is coming up? I recently completed the four-session course with KIripalu that you led. It was wonderful! 01:16:08 doreen: Yes! 01:17:06 doreen: Yes to the new wave in pos psyc 01:17:44 Elaynegoldstein: Who won 01:17:50 Isabella Cattelan: be comfortable withe being uncomfortable 01:17:53 LisaBuksbaum/& Jan Honig: great ending story… to land the sharing session today!!! 01:18:10 Sarah Johnson: Thank you, all! I so value this community. 01:18:16 Sue Knight Deutsch: Thank you, Maria! 01:18:18 Esperanza Castro: Big Thangs Maria🌷 01:18:21 Kelly Fredrickson: Love you much 01:18:25 Karlee Fain (she/her): We will email a recording of today out this week to everyone 🔥 01:18:27 Donna Rich: You offerred great va;ie! 01:18:29 Dani Dennington: thank you x 01:18:32 Isabella Cattelan: Thank you - love you! 01:18:38 Nancy Swartz: Thank you, Maria!!!! We love you!! 01:19:06 Liz R: Thank you!

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